Moneybagg Yo | Big Boogie | NLE Choppa "Eye 4 Eye" 2020 type beat (Prod. by KrayJ)

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Exclusive : $150 (without tag $50)

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    Niggas act they don’t know me, flip the pack on the lowkey, thanking god that he chose me, fuck these bitches I stay with my niggas y’all already know how these hoes be,

  • Ladi Luciano

    Hey what’s your gmail I want to purchase exclusive right to this beat. I already finished the project and I can send it to you. Now I need the beat’s ownership. or just send me a friend request on here. Either way I need the beat asap!

  • i trapps

    Choppa gone brust like a bubble fuck on yo bitch yeah your daughter I'm getting money like I just hit the powerball big bands full up my pants my diamonds look like Chris Brown look how they dance bullets a bless u like a fuck nigga sneeze whip his nose use to kick doors like a punter

  • Rya Da brat

    This beat called eye for eye
    But fuck that the nigga gon die
    Like kodak said if lying im flying
    Been with the shit
    Since i came out my mami

    Smoking my pain
    It take away the tension
    30 gon light uh ya block like its Christmas
    Shit made me wicked
    Thats what make us different
    These bitches be tripping
    These niggas like bitches
    Get cracked for that liping
    Fucking for bread that shit sicking
    Fucking 4 free oh you icky
    Zooted &rolling off sticky
    These bitches gon hate me its envy
    Pussy so wet keep em slipping
    He Slipping
    Nigga be all in my mentions
    my nigga crazy he with it
    thats why he always tripping
    And when i pop out with
    On some lit shit
    Money all blue on some crip shit
    Fuck all these bitches i rather be distant
    Changed uh my movment cuz everyone switching
    You could get smoked like a zip bitch
    Aint about shit
    could get sent with your dead bitch
    Is you ready
    Write out ya name with this led jit
    Then sell the tooly like craigslist

    I took some ls
    Id be fucked if i didn't
    Just take the risk
    Dont regret it
    I did the dash in a Chevy
    Then posted uh at the telly
    Blew down a 8th box was hectic

    Never been the type 2 give a fuck
    Pull up with the heat bet a nigga give it up
    Thought he was finna fuck
    Ain even get a touch
    Bitches gon hate
    Be the ones who looking rough
    Do a nigga like 8th shit getting smoked up
    Pistol like a paper
    We ain't smoking no bluntz
    Gotta couple lames who still trynna get in touch
    I told em give it up
    wen I was down bad
    Yeen ain't really give a fuck
    Niggas kno I'm the one
    but im not the one
    Ask mac niggga dumb
    Ian even take the tounge
    This my shit I run it
    Bitches gon fuck in the field bunch of runners
    That just some pussy ass hoe shit
    Go in that shit with the stick
    Buck the whole whip
    I play a nigga like games no controller
    Ran off with the bread then I blocked shit was over
    Been knew that shit just got older
    Jit just got killed
    Face ent up on a poster
    I heard he was trynna
    Get off the sofa
    Naw everybody wan post shi
    On some hoe
    Shit dont got no friends therefore who finna fold bih

  • Dick Tator

    Is it Kray Kray na especially if ya really pay attention… Dis been to serious… Lives played with
    Children even sentenced… That serious….
    I done what people couldnt
    Also to while defeating all else in my way… Ya wanna try to play me

  • Dick Tator

    See its game time
    game sees
    game knows
    just wont let him
    They playNsay
    touch down so who will I pick ION Know tell ya truth
    How I been done
    mostly by the ones
    my own skin color
    Real truth will bury ya
    To you from Me
    I'm even deeper ya think
    No hate just no love to give
    Bc I've reached out to many
    And I know
    who also
    has been here
    Who I've reached too even before the battles
    And Toowho a couple
    I refuse to even accept
    how good
    Or great there flow
    Bc they haven't really even lived a story.
    Homie dis is hip-hop
    Anyone can rap
    what dax said so
    I'd fly if someone actually
    would reach to me
    Nothing to lose anyways
    I'd fly
    Bring me to a place
    Sit me down
    coach me up
    Ya are yesiKNOw
    I am
    And how hard I work
    too know I will and
    This way can break
    these chains it seems
    These people
    are just using me
    The more I go
    the more they grow
    Then only Address
    Who are you
    only 5 friends but that same kraccas don't know yet
    He works for me
    So even then….
    I am the black web…
    How can I grow
    When I'm tied down everywhere I go..
    Will have to take the fame
    Regardless if wanted
    Just know if i have too
    Someone gonna have to keep it solid wit her
    Tell her what I been telling her has been facts
    She was targeted by 12
    In Her own denial again
    Same thing she did even when a kid
    Open ya eyes girl
    Gang stalking that fkn real
    Brainwashed by enemy
    What a traject ending this is
    When in the spotlight frl
    I wouldbt run the word in
    N-by then the hype would be gone
    Justvl the sorcerer for pain
    The true underdawg
    Only would do it
    if his daughter made sure

    my girls knew for them
    This is the only reason
    I could beat the system
    For everything then only
    I'm not after the game
    Being a protector
    Only thing I can do just
    An Apprentice self taught
    The youngest author
    Yes I lulled the sword
    From the stone
    So going forward
    DuhonlyStephan a
    Sorcerer dismantling everything using
    the same trap they tried to use against us
    AI ya don't see this
    Y everyone around here
    toScared to help with
    See I roll like a tank
    We are not the dame
    My shit that raw
    That legit story that real
    The ones who have
    said otherwise I see
    Hate in there eyes
    Don't hide it pussies
    Yahate it bc
    I'm radio ready
    How many else can say that

  • Samuel Rondo

    When u shine like this these bitches begging just to fuck I never gave a fuck ha young nigga used to ride the bus now he ride a Bentley coupe came with the missing roof I get so high till I touch the sky all she do is run her mouth tell her suck a dick I put that ice on my neck and wrist one thing that I just cant respect is a fuck nigga and a lame as bitch I'm the hottest nigga out now got these niggas hating on me like I'm Donald Trump famous status now so I ride with security but I still keep that glock on me

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