Johnny Dang Opens for Gucci Mane?!? BLING CASTLE EP 3 (Club Cle)

#GucciMane #FlawlessGang #CastleOfBling

Johnny goes opens for Gucci Mane’s performance at Club Cle to visit his long time friend Gucci mane! And Johnny opens up the castle of bling and gets some molds done for the THIRD time!

About Johnny Dang and Co:
If you ask Travis Scott, Beyonce, Lil Jon, and other big names in hip hop where to find the best grillz and customized jewelry in H-Town, they’ll undoubtedly send you to Johnny Dang, “the jeweler to the stars.” Johnny started out small and ever since has single-handedly changed the way that entertainers accessorize. His Houston store offers the best of the best. That includes engagement rings, watches, and other fine designer pieces. Whatever you’re in the market for, you can be sure that all of Johnny’s creations will shine just as bright as the rare diamonds they’re made of.

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