Epic Seven: Top 5 FARMERS in the Game

I said summoners war at the beggining my bad i meant epic seven :c


5. Violet, Lorina, Ravi
4. Bellona
3. Clarissa
2. Vildred
1. Sez

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  • Asian P

    @ King hey man just started two days ago an just got Clarissa an Vil on my reroll an remember seeing how they both are good farmers, I already had a game with Vil an Silk but same color kinda made it a pain at times in certain fights. But being Im new an your a vet would you say they are a good team to start for a main account long term play for the farming fact alone it seems like a HUGE deal when you start promoting an leveling monsters for material. But yeah if you could give me a little advice Id appreciate it, had a friend tell me get Angelica over any pther character an originally started a game with her but building around just a healer is boring honestly to me.

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